Welcome to my website!  I appreciate you taking the time to stop by for a visit because I know your time is valuable … yet you chose to land here! I’m so grateful you did!


Before you start clicking on the different areas of the site, please allow me to share what I’ve included and perhaps that will help guide you to what would personally resonate with you!  Okay? Okay!


First we have the traditional home page (you’re here … right now … and that makes me so happy!) and on this home page over to the right you’ll notice a Sign Up Today button.  See the big ORANGE arrow?  Yeah, right there!  You found it!  I would love to encourage you to sign up for this!  Visionary Insight Press and I, personally, have free give-aways, lots of inspiration and we share where I will be presenting and I would LOVE to either meet you or reconnect with you!


You’ll notice the About Lisa tab and well, that’s about me! Yet if you’ve been following me for quite some time … you probably won’t even need to click on that tab because you already know who I am and what I’m about.  Right? Right! Yet if you don’t know me … feel free to take a quick peek at that page to determine if you think my energy would be a good match with yours. (Oh I hope it is!!!!!!)


To find my books I’ve written or compiled, simply click on Lisa’s Books and you’ll find a nice little collection in there.  And if you feel guided to get one or more for yourself … know that whichever ones you choose … trust those are the best books for you at this time and place in your life’s journey.  All is working perfectly for your highest good!


Are you struggling with any ailments, illnesses, symptoms or dis-ease? Then I would like to suggest you visit the Heal Your Body page. There you will find possible underlying causes for your distress and affirmations to assist with your healing.


Do you continue to see sequences of numbers throughout your week? Me tooooooo! Those are messages from your angels!  Yes, YOUR angels! They are with you throughout your day trying to get your attention!  Would you like to know what the numbers mean? Sure you would! Click on the Angels Numbers page and learn about what it means when you see numbers like 111, 222, 333 …


I think the question most people ask me is “How do you meditate? I’ve tried and I just can’t seem to get the hang of it! My mind continues to wander!” My reply is always “Can you read a novel and feel the story as you’re reading it? Sure you can! There are different types of meditation and one isn’t better than the other … there are different types because not all of us are the same!” (Woooo Whooo … I love we are all so unique and different!) I am going to suggest you try utilizing Guided Meditation Scripts for your meditation practice.  You simply read and visualize the script in your mind to become more balanced in Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions. If you’re open to trying this, simply click on the Meditation Scripts tab above and prepare to be whisked away for a few moments.


Are you looking for something special for yourself, or possibly a gift for a loved one? Then I’d love it if you’d visit the Store! It’s filled with all kinds of goodies from Hay House and there is something for everyone!


Would you like to know where I’m presenting next? Then click on the Events tab and see if I’m going to be near you! I’d love to meet you!


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Big Love, Lisa